Premium Japanese Matcha – Matchado Chiswick

Images above: Matchado Chiswick at 5 Chiswick Common Rd W4 1RR; an authentic matcha latte

Matchado is a hidden gem near Turnham Green Station

Did you know there’s a an authentic Japanese Matcha cafe in Chiswick?

Tucked away on the corner where Chiswick Common Road meets Elliot Road meet, facing the common and the railway embankment, Matchado has been open since January and specialises in premium Japanese matcha drinks, cakes, scones, cookies as well as gluten free and vegan options. They also sell matcha whisks and other equipment, organic green teas and bulk ingredients to make all of their recipes yourself.

This is the second store opened by Hiromi Matsunobu Bong, after the success of the first at Granary Square near King’s Cross.

Matcha is a finely ground powder of specially grown and processed green tea leaves that originated in China and was developed in Japan. It is mostly produced in Japan today. The tea has a unique, non-bitter taste and vibrant green color and is regarded as the most aromatic form of green tea. It has become so popular that Starbucks and McDonalds now offer matcha teas on their menu.

“We import the matcha directly from Japan” Hiromi said. “It comes from Yame-city in Fukuoka prefecture. They’re famous for Japanese tea harvesting.”

Matcha here is completely different to what you may get in Pret a Manger or Starbucks any other chain coffee shop. There are lower grades of matcha which many larger brands use, and chain coffee shops do not have the same specialist equipment and respect for authenticity, she tells me.

“We want to introduce to people that this is the matcha in Japan that people normally enjoy… As well as introducing the pure Japanese matcha, we also want to introduce that Japanese authentic culture as well.”

The tea is a vibrant green because the plants grow in the shade, resulting in dark green leaves. Those who swear by it also talk about its potential health benefits. Among the claims made for matcha is that it may help prevent cancer, it may help ward off depression, it may help reduce cholesterol and blood pressure levels, protect the brain function and help with male fertility.

Hiromi says while the first couple of months of operating have been quiet, but many customers who have discovered Matchado have already become regulars and are big fans of the baked treats, created by Matchado’s own bakery, which are just as delicious as the matcha lattes.

Matchado can be found at 5 Chiswick Common Rd W4 1RR.