Prohibition Notice lifted on Tesco store in Osterley

LB Hounslow has lifted its prohibition notice on the Tesco superstore at Osterley. The council served a prohibition notice on the store in mid January under the coronavirus regulations. The store, which stocks food, toiletries and household goods on the ground floor, was allowing access to and purchase of clothes and other non-essential items on its first floor.

Council leader Steve Curran said:

“Our view is that Tesco’s actions go against the spirit of the law in allowing shoppers to shop for the non-essential goods.

“Government guidance advises that where areas selling essential goods are separate to those selling non-essential goods, access to the non-essential goods should be restricted’.

Tesco appealed the prohibition, saying they believed the enforcement notice had not been served correctly for ‘a number of reasons’ and pointing out that Government guidance stated:

‘a business selling a significant amount of essential retail may also continue to sell goods typically sold as non-essential retail. For example, a supermarket that sells food is not required to close off or cordon off aisles selling homeware’.

In the light of apparently contradictory advice from the Government, the council and the supermarket chain have now reached a compromise.

‘Officers found that Tesco have made significant changes within the store following the Council’s action and have stated they wish to work with us to ensure the community is safe’ said the council.

Changes made

The changes include:

  • A reduction in the number of people allowed in the store at any one time, with a traffic light system and added security to limit the people to this number with checks on face coverings.
  • A range of additional measures taken within the store to ensure social distancing, including the removal of some displays and extra signage.
  • Closure of the café on the first floor.

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