Public Meeting for Heathrow’s new proposals

A public meeting hosted by local campaigners who are against Heathrow’s current proposals to increase air traffic over Chiswick is being held tonight between 7-9pm at Christ Church, Town Hall Ave Chiswick London W4 5DT.

Heathrow Airport is currently running a consultation on the use of airspace for an additional 260,000 flights annually, if expansion goes ahead (on top of the 480,000 flights currently permitted). In addition, even without planning permission for a third runway, Heathrow are seeking to increase the number of flights by 25,000 per year, using the existing two runways.

CHATR claim both these proposals would have devastating implications for Chiswick, putting north and central Chiswick under flightpaths for the very first time and reducing respite for existing flightpaths which will adversely affect areas like Grove Park.

‘If this goes ahead, there will be a dramatic increase in noise blight and pollution over the whole area’ said a spokesman for Chiswick against the Third Runway ( CHATR). ‘It will have significant implications for public health. Heathrow’s proposed noise envelope maps show there could be 47 flights per hour over 65 decibels, starting from early in the morning. Using the new satellite technology, it is possible several flightpaths routes could be spread over the area.

All this, for Heathrow expansion plans which according to the Department of Transport’s own figures, show a questionable economic benefit to the country. The DfT’s revised net present value for the Third runway is now -£2.5bn to +£2.9bn (depending on assumptions about scheme costs, surface access costs and wider economic benefits). It is now admitted the net benefit of a third runway at Heathrow could well be negative.

To find out more and what you can do about it. ‘It is not too late to make your voice heard’ continued CHATR. ‘Heathrow does not yet have approval. It is essential that people express their opposition.’

Speakers include:

All local MPS, Ruth Cadbury, Rupa Huq and Andy Slaughter

Paul Beckford/Paul McGuinness – No 3rd Runway Coalition

Christina Smyth (Hammersmith and Fulham No 3rd Runway)

Stephen Clark (Teddington Action Group)

Cllr Steven Cowan (Leader of Hammersmith).

CHATR, Chiswick against the Third Runway and the Bedford Park Society

Speakers will cover: how Heathrow’s proposals will affect Chiswick; what is in Heathrow’s consultation; answer technical questions about Heathrow’s plans and air space changes eg the effect of IPAs – Independent Curved Approaches, night flights, implications of easterly or westerly approaches, etc Speakers will also explain where we are at with the legal challenges and how you can make your voice heard to help to stop Heathrow expansion.

The session will feature local campaigners with knowledge of the impact that airspace changes will have on the area.

To find out more about Heathrow’s consultation, what it means for Chiswick, and what you can do about it, you can book free tickets here.

You can respond to Heathrow’s consultation up until 11.55pm on 4 March 2019.