Rachel Busch

About Rachel Busch

A fascination with local buildings has led Rachel to research into their history as well as just interpreting their beauty and uniqueness.

‘Some of these buildings are so well known and used, yet very often, overlooked. I wanted to stop, appreciate them properly, get to know every curve, brick, nook and cranny and try to impress that feeling of architectural awe into every print I make.’

Each proposed project starts by visiting, sketching and photographing a chosen building or scene at different times of the day and night, later developing this back in the studio. ‘I work out what I want to say about the building, whether the history behind the building becomes part of the print or whether I am going to make a print purely about the aesthetics of my current subject.’ A sketch becomes a detailed drawing which is then transferred onto lino or cardboard, then the lengthy process of cutting, inking, wiping, scratching and masking the ‘block’ starts. Finally the creation of an edition, at the moment without a press, by hand burnishing each print with a wooden spoon or Japanese baren, one unique print at a time – made with lots of care, dedication, patience and joy!

After graduating from Maidstone College of Art in 1986, Rachel worked as a freelance illustrator for over twenty years, commissioned by clients such as The Oxford University Press, BBC books, The Department of Health, and The London Philharmonic Orchestra. She is now a full time printmaker working from her home studio in Chiswick, where visitors are always welcome by appointment. Her work has been exhibited in The Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, Bankside Gallery and Gallery 286 amongst others and is in private collections in America, Australia, Germany and the UK.

Rachel works from her home studio, where visitors are always welcome by appointment.

If you would like to buy any of Rachel’s work, please contact her direct

Viewing by appointment.

Contact Rachel at:
Email: rebbusch@yahoo.co.uk
Tel: 07778 264434
Website: buschstudio.com

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