Recycling centre at Stirling Road set to reopen

Image above: A plan of the new recycling area in Stirling Road; image Ealing Council

Centre will host classes and community sessions on sustainability 

Ealing Council, in partnership with the West London Waste Authority, has announced it plans to reopen the recycling centre on Stirling Road, off Bollo Lane in South Acton.

Many local residents complained when it was closed, as it meant a long drive to the west end of the borough to get rid of bulky waste and recycling, but when the site reopens residents will see a very different sort of recycling centre, one which may not accept general waste or garden waste.

In a marked departure from its previous role, the site is described as being transformed into the first ‘circular economy hub’ of its kind in London. Ealing Council envisions this revitalised centre as a space where residents can engage in repairing, reusing, and recycling a diverse range of items, including electronics, bicycles, furniture, and clothing.

The former waste disposal facility will host classes, community sessions and events designed to pass on ‘valuable skills for sustainable living’. It will enable residents to both donate and buy refurbished furniture, electronic goods, and household appliances.

Additionally, the centre will provide an opportunity to rescue surplus food from going to waste. The Council is extending an invitation to local charities specialising in reuse activities within the borough to participate in the centre’s operations.

At this stage, it remains uncertain whether the site will accept general waste or garden waste, a practice previously facilitated at the recycling centre.

The recycling centre was closed by the council in November 2021, and residents were directed to the Greenford waste and recycling centre. The Greenford facility will now operate on a limited schedule, opening five days a week from Friday to Tuesday, inclusive of weekends and bank holidays, from 8.00am to 4.00pm.

Residents at the eastern end of the borough are expected to explore the Acton site for potential reuse and repair solutions.

Image above: Stirling Road Refuse and Reuse Centre

Reopening centre will contribute to making Ealing a net-zero borough

Councillor Deirdre Costigan, deputy leader and cabinet member for climate action, said:

“We are really excited to be able to re-open the old Acton waste depot and to announce that Ealing will be home to the very first circular economy space of its kind in the capital!

“We already have a top-quality waste collection service and we are consistently in the top three in London when it comes to rates of recycling. But we need to go to the next level – we need to avoid waste in the first place and the new Acton site will hugely increase opportunities for residents to re-use, repair and recycle.

“It is our ambition to become a net zero borough by 2030, which we cannot achieve on our own. We can all be part of a circular economy and this new initiative is just the start of the council’s ambitions.”

The Council previously blamed cuts in government funding for the decision to close the Stirling Road Recycling Centre and said that the money raised was needed to cover budget shortfalls.