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Volunteer Chiswick: Refugees At Home

Refugees At Home arranges hosting for asylum-seekers and refugees who need somewhere to stay, in the homes of generous hosts. Since they started, just over three years ago, they have hosted for over 135,000 individual nights. They always need hosts in west London – where one of the founders lives and hosts – and would love to hear from anyone with a spare room and a welcome to give.

Refugees At Home supports its hosts through each placement and is very careful about checking out all proposed guests. Many hosts find they appreciate the hosting placements almost as much as the guests: hosting offers not just a chance to help others in real need, but also the opportunity to meet new people, learn about their cultures and experiences and, often sample their food. The charity’s guests have come from 68 nationalities but the vast majority are Syrian, Afghani, Iranian, Eritrean, Sudanese and Ethiopian.

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