Reporting the election – Chiswick Calendar Media Club

Reporting general elections on TV and radio – the triumphs and the pitfalls

I’d like to say this was prescient rather than sheer dumb luck, but it now looks as if our Media Club event on Wednesday 19 June is rather timely.

Come and hear about what it’s like to be at the epicentre of election coverage – tales of adrenalin-fuelled all-nighters and reputations lost and wonWe will be talking about how to report an election, with a panel of experts pooling their many years of experience in reporting elections on TV and radio – the triumphs and the pitfalls.

BBC Political correspondent and presenter Carolyn Quinn chairs a panel with other journalists and a pollster – all players in the political dramas that have characterised elections in recent years.

Katy Searle, former Executive Editor, Politics, with BBC News, managed the BBC’s most prominent news output and political coverage during three election campaigns, two referendums and the Covid crisis.

Joe Twynan is a co-founder and director of Deltapoll and one of Britain’s best known political pollsters, having previously worked as Head of Political and Social Research at YouGov.

With one more special guest to be confirmed, this is the perfect line up of guests to find out what it’s like behind the scenes at these high-stakes, adrenalin-fuelled all-nighters.

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