Residents assured residential roads off Chiswick Lane will not be closed entirely as Council admits signage “confusing”

Image above: Cornwall Grove

Council say they have removed “confusing” handwritten signage

LB Hounslow say they have removed some of the handwritten parking suspension signs which they admit were “confusing” for residents living in side roads off Chiswick Lane.

Residents in Cornwall Grove, Balfern Grove and Chiswick Lane found out Monday (22 May) from temporary road signs that they would not be able to park in their roads for three days this week. Assuming it meant parking would be suspended along the whole road they were left wondering where they could park their cars instead and why they had not received a warning.

But it seems that poorly written signs have created the confusion. The Council say they only authorised the suspension of  shared use bays to make way for the installation of e-bike parking bays. They never intended for parking to be suspended along the whole length of the roads.

Riverside ward Councillor John Todd told The Chiswick Calendar:

‘A 4 metre bay outside 58 Chiswick lane is being converted into an e-bike bay. That was the only work site with a decent sign. All the others that I saw in the last hour in Chiswick Lane, Ashbourne Grove and nearby roads were handwritten and virtually illegible.

‘None of them gave any location apart from the road name.  Most of them said it was for “cleaning and line painting”.  There were a number of yellow no-waiting cones which were presumably meant to define the location more precisely, but appeared to be randomly spread about.’

Hounslow Council spokesperson, said:

“We can confirm that there are no road closures on Chiswick Lane and the Council only authorised the suspension of a shared use bay at Balfern Grove/Chiswick Lane, relating to the e-bike trial.

“Any suspensions outside of this have not been authorised by the Council and we have asked for any signs around this to be removed by the end of the day.”

Asked whether residents had been notified of the suspension beforehand, the spokesperson said this was unlikely to have happened since residents are only sent letters if entire roads are closed.

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