Residents fear sleepless nights due to “unbearably loud” restaurant in Chiswick

Image above: Rendezvous Restaurant and Bar; Google Maps

Residents object to extension of opening hours by Rendezvous restaurant

A group of Chiswick residents have claimed a local restaurant is creating an “unbearably loud” noise that is preventing them from sleeping.

The complaints followed the submission of an application by Rendezvous Restaurant and Bar to extend its opening hours from 5.00pm to 11.00pm Monday to Thursday and 11.00am to 11.00pm Friday to Sunday, to 10.00am to 12.30am Monday to Saturday, and closing at 11.30pm on Sundays. The licence would also allow alcohol to be served and music played until half an hour before closing time.

Noise coming from the restaurant resulted in 25 complaints from neighbours to the local council over the past year. One resident has said that the noise lasts “several hours into the night”. They also claimed that the noise is worse than that produced by previous restaurants on the same site.

“We live under stress, anxiety, and fear of what the current tenants will do next and are never sure if we will be able to sleep,” they added.

Officers from Hounslow Council have recommended the restaurant installs a noise limiter and provides a direct telephone number for neighbours to contact the manager. The restaurant’s application has proposed adding extra insulation within walls to prevent sound travelling outside the premises and causing a public nuisance.

According to Council documents, the application has received ten complaints from local residents. One neighbour said the building had previously had issues with antisocial behaviour.

The application also proposed adding a CCTV system to cover all entry and exit points and keeping an incident log that would be available to police or the Council on request. The restaurant would also display notices at all exits requesting patrons to leave quietly.

The licensing meeting for Hounslow Council will discuss the application on 25 April.