Residents hear gunshots in South Ealing

The police have made no public statement a full 24 hours after gunshots were reported in a residential road in South Ealing at around 10pm on Sunday night.

Twitter was abuzz with people saying they’d heard gunshots, or maybe fireworks and wanting to know why a helicopter was circling overhead.

Sky News correspondent Inzamam Rashid wrote: ‘At least 8 armed officers have blocked off a road in Ealing … Helicopter flying overhead for the past 30 minutes’.

Then later: ‘Met Police have confirmed this is an “ongoing firearms operation.”

A local resident put up a video of police searching his garden with torches in the dark, having told them to stay inside.

@ShakCity added “heard a couple of gunshots, police officer shouting at someone to get on the ground, more gunshots, then a police jeep speeding out of my road”.

Another said the action was taking place in Murray Rd (off South Ealing Rd, just north of Chiswick flyover).

Reported in the Mirror and the Express today, neither newspaper had any further details other than to say Met Police had said the incident was an ongoing Trident operation. Trident is the Met Police’s specialist gun crime taskforce.