Residents object to extended opening hours for The Hothouse Cafe

Residents and a Chiswick councillor have written to LB Hounslow to voice their concerns about The Hothouse Cafe’s application to extend their opening hours.

The owner has applied for a license to extend their opening hours to 1.30am Thursday to Sunday, as well as extend their license to sell alcohol from 7.00am Monday to Friday and from 8.00am Saturday to Sunday.

The Hothouse Cafe offers breakfast, lunch and dinner. They serve alcohol too and recently have started offering live Jazz music every Sunday.

Several residents and councillor for Turnham Green ward Joanna Biddolph have objected to the application on the grounds of prevention of public nuisance from the loud music, and the prevention of crime and disorder resulting from the extended hours alcohol will be available for sale.

The Licensing Panel will meet on Tuesday 10 August at 7.30pm to grant or reject the application – or grant it with amendments.

Living next door ‘an absolute nightmare’

Yousseft, who ‘strongly disagrees’ with the application said living next door has already been ‘an absolute nightmare’ and if the licence was granted this would force him to move out. He added:

‘They have always loud music that I can’t use my balcony at all at the evening. They have people shouting on the high street all weekend. They hire staff cash in hand and have been prosecuted for this. A absolute nightmare to live next to them. Please don’t make me move out.

Another resident, Bogna Chelkowska, who’s flat neighbours three other hospitality venues, said:

‘The noise coming from all of them is so loud that it’s almost impossible to have any rest in the evening and therefore I am begging you not to allow the Hothouse to extend the hours beyond the existing opening hours.’

Cllr Biddolph also wrote to object to the application. She said:

‘Residents nearby and not so near have complained about noise during the existing licensing arrangements and hours. A principal problem is that the front of the cafe (doors and windows) is often open so music, live or recorded, blares out into the road.’

Cllr Biddolph said extending the licence to 1.30am will deny many residents ‘a peaceful night’s sleep, and there are additional concerns about late night operations on Thursday evenings and Sunday evenings, both of them the night before workdays.’

Cllr Biddolph added:

‘There are businesses nearby who are concerned that late night drinking will increase the risks to their premises of accidental damage or crime.’

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