Residents petition against 5G mast in conservation area

Image above: Example of a telecommunications mast head

Telecoms company wants to put one of these in Old Chiswick

Plans to erect a 20 metre high 5G telecommunications mast in the Old Chiswick conservation area have been met with resistance from local residents, who claim the structure will have a “significant detrimental impact.”

The mast and three associated cabinets would be built next to Chiswick Old Cemetery and opposite 58 Corney Road and is twice the height of the nearby tree.

The deadline for anyone wishing to make a comment on the proposal by CK Hutchison Networks (UK) Ltd to erect the mast is on Tuesday, 11 January. A petition protesting against the proposals has received 109 signatures at time of writing.

The authors of the petition object to the mast because they feel it would be detrimental to the conservation area, will impact on the “visual amenities” of local residents and will be “very visible above the tree line and visible for a wide radius across Chiswick.”

Image above: proposed position of the 5G mast – CK Hutchison Networks (UK)

Health concerns about mast not proven

Several people who have signed the petition say they have done so because they are worried about medical implications post-installation. One signatory, Sally Burgess, wrote: ‘

The [mast] will send out massive bad airwaves which will affect the surrounding population detrimentally.’

Another, Dai Richards, complained broadcasts from mobile phone masts caused him to suffer from ‘headaches, migraines, brain Fog, lack of energy, heart palpitations and other signs of stress.’

Christopher Haugh wrote:

‘[There is lack of understanding of the heath effects this would have on the young children living just metres away and the stress it will cause for the parents.’

The International Commission on Non‐Ionizing Radiation Protection, which sets guidelines on the output of mobile masts, says there is not a single scientifically substantiated adverse health effect that can be attributed to a normal 5G installation.

‘Acute need’ for mast to provide effective service coverage, says provider

In its application CK Hutchison Networks (UK) Ltd, which manages installations for the Three network, says:

“It is our opinion that the proposed design presents a better ‘fit’ within the local community and immediate street scape, offering a reduced visual impact upon an area of adopted highway identified, as situated out with a conservation area or other such restrictive designation.”

In a statement submitted with the application the company states that there is an ‘acute need’ for a new base station to provide effective service coverage and the height of the proposed street pole is the minimum required to bring the benefits of 5G to the area

If approval is given work is expected to start in March 2023, with work thought to be completed by April.

The planning reference for the application on Hounslow Council’s planning portal is PA/2021/4816.

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