Revised CS9 – take it or leave it

The much awaited report from Transport for London detailing their changes to the CS9 proposals has been delayed until next month, I am told. TfL confirm that they have “taken on board” the feedback, much of it hostile in Chiswick, but once they have published their revisions, the amount of further consultation will be “quite small”.

I asked how they would explain or further consult on the impact of the revised plans on the High Rd. “We’re probably not looking to make further changes” a spokeswoman told me; “we wouldn’t have the same level of consultation as before”. When asked what exactly a “smaller consultation” might entail she had no answer. That’s a matter for the ‘stakeholder management’ team she told me.

I have the sense that we are having our expectations managed. I interpret that as ‘take it or leave it’. We’d better hope the changes meet with majority approval then.