Richmond MP suggests pedicabs to take people across Hammersmith Bridge

Image above: A pedicab provider previously proposed for Hammersmith Bridge

Vehicles could be “game changer” says Richmond MP

Hammersmith & Fulham Council has approved a proposal to use pedicabs to transport people across Hammersmith Bridge. The Council supports e-mobility solutions once stabilisation works end and subject to weight and loading restrictions.

The bridge closed to motor traffic in 2019 due to structural concerns and is currently only open to cyclists and pedestrians.

Sarah Olney MP

Richmond MP, Sarah Olney, wants authorities to consider running a pilot scheme allowing licensed rickshaws to ferry people across the bridge. In the Commons last month, Ms Olney said:

“I believe that rickshaws could be a real game changer for those in my constituency and elsewhere, who cannot access active travel. This could be a particular benefit as an interim transport solution across Hammersmith Bridge, which has been closed to motor traffic for almost five years.”

Baroness Stowell supported the idea in the House of Lords, emphasising the serious impact of the bridge closure on residents. She proposed designated cab ranks on either side of the bridge to facilitate the use of pedicabs.

This proposal coincides with debates in Parliament about granting Transport for London powers to regulate and license pedicabs in the capital. The unlicensed operation of pedicabs has seen tourists being charged more than £40 a mile in central London.

Speaking in the Lords, Baroness Stowell said:

“I will make a special plea. The problems associated with the closure of Hammersmith Bridge, which have gone on for years, are very serious for local residents. Let us turn a negative into a positive: pedicabs offer an opportunity for local residents to hire one to cross the bridge, which would be really useful.

“The local MP, Sarah Olney, has been running a campaign to encourage the Department for Transport to consider this and to designate cab ranks on either side of the bridge to enable that to happen. My simple request is for the minister to agree to meet me and the local MP to discuss this issue and its appropriateness.”

Ultimately, decisions about Hammersmith Bridge usage and maintenance rest with Hammersmith and Fulham Council as the bridge’s owner.