Riverbank still too crowded

Enforcement officers and police were out and about over the weekend, visiting local parks and open areas, to ensure that people were adhering to the Government’s instructions on social distancing. They report that most people across the borough of Hounslow were behaving responsibly – staying at home apart from essential journeys and a local walk/exercise once a day.

But people who live along Chiswick Mall are unhappy with the number of visiting walkers, joggers and cyclists they are still receiving as soon as the sun comes out. One riverside dweller wrote to The Chiswick Calendar:

“A plea from us along the river here if there could be reinforcing of social distancing rules in The Chiswick Calendar for Chiswickians to take note, especially for the increased number of joggers and cyclists along the river. It’s a hazard for walkers who are zigzagging trying to avoid them and then possibly susceptible to being mown over by a cyclist coming from behind.

Joggers are huffing and spitting right by people – not two metres as they jog on swiftly past the next person. Like the London Marathon and busier than Oxford St! Literally. Not nibyism but particularly affecting the many elderly residents”.

Police in the Riverside ward put out this message last week:

‘We have noticed an increase in members of the public congregating in the Chiswick Riverside area. Please can I remind people to stay at home unless leaving the house for a necessary reason’.

This from another Chiswick Calendar correspondent:

“I think people are walking quite a long way to walk around the river footpaths. Also I observe people not being as careful / thoughtful in scenic areas as they might in their own street. Also a request for medium sized shops like the local Co-op to have ‘one-way’ aisles please.

And this from the leader of Hammersmith & Fulham council, Steve Cowan on Sunday:

“Yesterday, too many irresponsible people disobeyed social distancing rules in our parks and riverfront. #SocialDistancing isn’t advice, it’s law. Today, extra police and CCTV will be in force. If parks or riverfront is too busy, please go somewhere else or exercise later”.

Hammersmith & Fulham reopened their parks last week ‘on a trial basis’ after keeping them shut for a week because people were too close to each other.

Plea for one-way aisles in supermarkets

We have also received this comment from another Chiswick Calendar reader:

“Today I had to go out food shopping. I used Marks and Spencers and I was astonished as to how many people were not following the government’s rules. ie. social distancing. We have been told and told about this. I was extremely stressed and worried when I left the shop. Why are people being so stupid. Feeling extremely annoyed about this. I can’t understand them. Do they want Covid-19? I don’t.