Riverside pubs to the rescue!

Most of us were probably given chocolate this weekend, but the staff at the Bull’s Head earned theirs. Two weeks ago ago when Grove Park Primary School was evacuated because of a bomb hoax, more than a hundred children and staff decamped to the riverside at 9.30 in the morning. A teenager was arrested in Watford on suspicion of blackmail and making malicious communications via email, when a blackmail threat was sent to thousands of schools around the country claiming a bomb had been planted in the school grounds and demanding £5,000.

For General Manager Barbara Smith and her staff it was all in a day’s work. The Bull’s Head and next door pub the City Barge took them in and provided coffee for the staff and water for the children and became their base camp until the last child was picked up by their parent at 2pm.

The school responded with chocolates and a lovely book of ‘thank you’ messages and pictures from the children.