RNLI Chiswick crew rescue people cut off by the tide

Image above: Chiswick lifeboat

The Chiswick lifeboat crew rescued seven people on Saturday 27 February, who found themselves cut off by the tide at Black Lion steps in Hammersmith.

Earlier in the day three adults and two children were also rescued from Chiswick Eyot, when they found themselves stranded by the incoming tide.

“We have had a real flurry of people getting caught out by the tide on Chiswick Eyot as the weather has started to improve” they said.

This is happening quite a lot; 21 people have been rescued so far this year in a similar predicament.

“In the past couple of months, since the beginning of Lockdown three, the incidence of people being cut off by the tide has increased and the same happened last year” Chiswick lifeboatman David Clarke told The Chiswick Calendar.

More people are out walking, and especially if they’re new to the river and don’t realise it’s tidal, or don’t realise quite how tidal it is, they get caught out. At spring tide when the river is at peak flow the tide can rise by about a metre and a half in just an hour.

The maximum difference between low tide and high tide Kew Bridge at spring tide is five and a half metres.

“We’re finding the number of people we’re called out to help is about the same as usual” said David “but instead of going to the aid of people in pleaseure craft, it tends to be walkers”.

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