RNLI increases funding from Chiswick

The RNLI were among those to have had a stall at Sunday’s Dog Show at Chiswick House. 

The RNLI nationally has been criticised recently for spending money helping people abroad. Tory MP Nigel Evans said the charity was ‘putting its reputation at risk’ by spending £3.3 million on projects such as teaching children in Bangladesh to swim. 

Hundreds of people withdrew their support, which in turn created a backlash. Author and journalist Caitlin Moran posted on Twitter last week: ‘My timeline is now full of people donating to the RNLI, in response to the mad hatchet-piece about them in Britain’s most dolorous newspaper. Nice to see the narrative reversed overnight by lovely people’.

It seems the lovely people of Chiswick have no problem with the RNLI spending 2% their income on saving lives abroad either. Volunteers on the stall on Sunday report that people they talked to were 5-1 in favour of it and the donations they received on Sunday were more than double the amount they received last year. 

Dog walkers are among the top five groups of people they are called out to help, along with rowers and drunken young men. The RNLI’s advice is that if your dog gets in to trouble in the water, don’t go in after it. Call 999 and ask for the coastguard and they will come and rescue the dog.

The RNLI has a base at Chiswick Pier, the second busiest station in the whole of the UK and Ireland. It is funded entirely by charitable donations. They have a fundraising cruise coming up on Friday 11 October, leaving from Chiswick Pier,  with a fish supper on board. You can book tickets here

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