Roberto Mircoli, Chiswick Calendar club card holder – Profile

“I pride myself of being one of the Chiswick Calendar’s first club card members. I remember being impressed and surprised that when I applied online, literally on the same day I got it delivered through my door by Bridget herself! She really took care of me with door to door service. I use it most for discounts in restaurants, just last week I went to Annie’s, and another favourite is Chateau on the High Road.”

Roberto works for UiPath, a high tech firm specialising in robotic process automation, which, to you and me means, they find ways using artificial intelligence to relieve people from boring, repetitive office work.

Roberto splits his time between London and Brianza, a hilly area in Northern Italy between Milan and Lake Como. “I moved here in 2015 to work for EMC (now part of Dell Technologies) an international company with headquarters in Brentford, and chose Chiswick based on recommendations from colleagues. I found a flat near the town hall which is convenient, as it’s close to the airport, but not too much! And it is connected to the City where we also had offices. I enjoy the social interaction in Chiswick and have had the privilege of meeting some very nice people and making lots of friends. I have three teenage daughters in school in Italy, and my wife and they love coming over. Eventually Chiswick has become a second home, and they have made connections here too.”

 “One of the beauties of Chiswick is that it is multifaceted; during the weekend if the weather is nice I love walking along the river, and the high road is good for shopping and eating out. I am just in love with Chiswick House, throughout the year the garden is fantastic, and the architecture is beautiful. I am sorry some Italian eateries have closed down over the last year, but I enjoy the many others who are still here. “The Italians” in the High Road have a very good selection of the best foods from different regions in my country. Although I don’t miss the food so much as my garden in Italy, which is my passion.”