Rothschild carriages go for a check up

Two 19th Century Rothschild carriages have been sent off for inspection after surviving the fire which destroyed the Gunnersbury Park cafe on Friday 29 May.

The carriages, which belonged to the famous banking family, were saved by firefighters, but they did not escape completely unscathed.

“At the moment we’re only looking at superficial damage, but they’ve gone off to be conserved so we’ll know a lot more once they’ve had a proper inspection” Marie Stirling, spokeswoman for Gunnersbury Estate told The Chiswick Calendar.

The recent fire, combined with the financial impact of Covid-19, has led Gunnersbury Estate Community Interest Company (CIC) to launch it’s first fundraising appeal.

Gunnersbury Park Museum could be forced to close

David Bowler, CEO of Gunnersbury CIC said:

“Gunnersbury is now facing the double whammy of the lost income from both Covid- 19 and the recent fire to the café. To be blunt we are forecasting a funding gap of £250k this year, and – unless the outlook changes, the potential closure of the organisation”.

Like other London parks, Gunnersbury has had to cancel all its commercial contracts for the time being, including the Lovebox festival which was to have taken place in July.

Launching the appeal he said:

“I’m asking for your help. This week we have launched a fundraising campaign called #YourGunnersbury asking you to donate £10, the equivalent of a few cups of coffee, or whatever you can afford. We are hoping to raise £25,000 over the summer months to help us ensure that we keep #YourGunnersbury thriving now and well into the future.”

The investigation into the cause of the fire is still ongoing.

If you’d like to make a donation, go to:

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