Royal Windsor Express steam trains pass through Chiswick

Image above: Royal Windsor Express

I reported a few weeks ago that the Flying Scotsman had come through Chiswick and that the Royal Windsor steam train would be coming through every Tuesday. There has been a bit of confusion about this because last week’s trip (15 June 2021) was cancelled at the last minute and Chiswick station isn’t listed in the timetable on the Steam Dreams website.

I began to worry that I’d given out duff information and had people turning up to see non existent trains, so I called the company. Here’s what they said:

‘I’m so sorry your readers were disappointed when the train didn’t run last week. We are definitely running tomorrow (Tuesday 22 June) and hopefully the weather will brighten up for us.

‘To clarify the timings, the train will definitely run through Chiswick every Tuesday at 13.45 on its way back to London to pick up more passengers. The timing at Chiswick is not listed on the website because this isn’t a passenger-carrying service at the moment whilst we have to sanitise the train.

‘In the evening at 18.45, it may run through Chiswick but may also take the route via Mortlake. Although those are the timings provided, because it isn’t a passenger stop the train may be re-routed at the last moment for operational reasons.

‘Those interested can check real time trains for detailed timings:

Afternoon train: Royal Windsor Express afternoon train

Evening train: Royal Windsor Express evening train’

To recap, the Royal Windsor will pass through Chiswick every Tuesday – but there are sometimes last minute changes!

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