Ruth Cadbury backs “well designed” LTNs during Parliament debate

Image: Ruth Cadbury speaking in Parliament on Monday 20 May

Local MP praises schemes such as South Chiswick Liveable Neighbourhood

Ruth Cadbury has backed what she describes as “well designed” Low-Traffic Neighbourhoods (LTNs) in a debate in Parliament, triggered by a petition by 200,000 people calling on the Government to review LTN policies.

During the debate on Monday (20 May), the MP for Brentford & Isleworth pointed out that there have been LTNs with barrier closures of roads in her constituency for decades which have not been challenged, such as Chiswick Lane/Beverley Road in Chiswick that protects Netheravon and Airedale Roads, one on Worple Road in Isleworth and in Pears Road in Hounslow.

The Brentford and Isleworth MP went on to describe the advantages of more recent camera technology that Hounslow Council now uses, meaning that any vehicle can enter or leave an LTN road or area as long as they don’t pass straight through from one side to the other.

Listing some of the LTNs that were implemented using the emergency Covid funding and regulations, Ms Cadbury explained that these were all on roads where residents had long lobbied councillors to address local traffic problems, such as Green Dragon Lane and Occupation Lane in Brentford, the “Teesdales” in Isleworth, Wellesley Road in Chiswick and the South Chiswick Liveable Neighbourhood – known to its inhabitants as Grove Park and Strand on the Green.

She said that they had all achieved what they set out to do; a significant cut in through traffic, an end to continuous traffic jams and conflict at peak time, speeding at other times and increased walking and cycling due to the safer environment.

She also referenced data that she said showed a cut in traffic on boundary roads too.  She added however that councils must consult again after implementation, and amend LTNs if needed, as Hounslow has done in places, with changed restrictions and improved signage.

Speaking after the debate. Ms Cadbury said:

“We all want choices, and those living in residential roads being used as a cut-through should have the choice as to whether or not they want their road to be a short-cut for long distance drivers alternatively speeding or causing traffic jams while causing safety issues for local people choosing to walk or cycle.

“The alternative can be a quiet, safe environment that everyone can enjoy, and with camera technology, one where no vehicle is restricted from entering”