Ruth Cadbury MP calls out inconsistent scrappage scheme ahead of ULEZ expansion

Image above: Ruth Cadbury in the House of Commons on Thursday 20 April

Brentford and Isleworth MP says current scrappage scheme “not fair”

Ruth Cadbury MP has called on the Government to provide financial support for Londoners looking to trade in or ‘scrap’ their vehicles before the Ultra-Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) expansion in August 2023.

During the Transport Questions in Parliament on Thursday 20 April, the Brentford and Isleworth MP pointed out the inconsistency in the Government’s funding for the scrappage scheme. While Birmingham has received financial support, Londoners have been left to rely on the £110 million funding provided by London Mayor Sadiq Khan.

Ms. Cadbury stressed the importance of the Government doing more to support Londoners who wish to purchase low-emission ULEZ compliant vehicles, especially amid the current cost-of-living crisis. She also expressed her disappointment in the lack of investment and support for Londoners from the Government.

Speaking after the Parliamentary questions, Ms. Cadbury said:

‘‘I know from listening to people locally that they want to be able to trade in and use low emission ULEZ compliant vehicles- whether they’re businesses or people with a family car.

“The cost-of-living crisis however means that the Government need to be doing more to support Londoners looking to do this. The existing scrappage scheme introduced by London Mayor Sadiq Khan has already helped many Londoners, but it’s clear that the Government could be doing more.

‘‘It is not fair that the Government are refusing to fund a scrappage scheme for Londoners when they’ve funded scrappage schemes in other cities across the country.

‘‘This is yet another sign of the lack of investment and support that Londoners are getting from this Government. ”

Image above: Cllr Jack Emsley

Cllr Jack Emsley disagrees

Conservative Cllr Jack Emsley, who represents Homefield ward in Chiswick, responded to Ruth Cadbury’s comments on social media, saying the Government had been clear in its stance against the ULEZ expansion and would not provide funding.

Cllr Emsley also accused Labour of coming to the Government “cap in hand” after realising the policy was poorly thought out. Cllr Emsley said:

“The government was very clear it wouldn’t fund the latest ULEZ expansion as it’s not a policy it supports. Labour can’t come cap in hand now that it’s realised how poorly thought out the whole thing is.”

Sadiq Khan has insisted the ULEZ expansion needs to go ahead to reduce the illegal and toxic levels of air pollution in London, despite the potential economic consequences.

But the inconsistent funding for the scrappage scheme has left many Londoners feeling frustrated and uncertain about how to prepare for the upcoming ULEZ expansion and there has been significant backlash.