Ruth Cadbury MP reacts to Labour split.

Statement by Ruth Cadbury

“I am deeply saddened that eight of my colleagues have decided to leave the Labour Party. I feel first it is important to say that I do not intend to leave the party. Having been elected as a Labour MP, I will continue to represent this constituency, and promote Labour values and policies.

Since being elected in 2015, I have worked with and personally seen the valuable contribution all eight have made in Parliament. It’s clear that between them they had slightly different reasons for making the decision to leave now, with concern for the lack of coherent opposition to the Tory mishandling of Brexit being a common thread. But I also have to single out the appalling anti-Semitic attacks on Luciana over the last couple of years, and the lack of coherent support she, and other Jewish MPs, have had from the party.

Tom Watson said on Monday; “We need to broaden out so that all members of our broad church feel welcome in our congregation. Labour was formed to give a voice to ordinary people of this nation. It can do so again, but only if it stays together”

With Tory MPs also leaving their party and a new one emerging, there is no doubt that Brexit is causing a fracturing of politics in this country. But in the long-term, the fundamental differences between our parties and their vision for Britain will remain.

Like Tom. I see unwelcome changes in the party that have never been seen before. This must be a wake up call that we can not afford to ignore. We must and will address these issues, so as to reunite the party as it was founded 126 years ago – a family of diversity bound together with a single aim of delivering our shared democratic socialist values, through winning power in Parliament.”

Ruth Cadbury is MP for Brentford & Isleworth