Ruth Cadbury objects to plans to dump sewage in River Crane

Images above: Ruth Cadbury MP in the House of Commons, The River Crane

Ruth Cadbury MP objects to proposal by Hillingdon Council to allow dumping into the River Crane

Ruth Cadbury MP has written to the Environment Agency to object to an application put forward by Hillingdon Council to allow treated sewage to be put into the River Crane which runs through Isleworth.

Ms. Cadbury objected to an application to discharge treated sewage from a cafe into the River Crane, a proposal also opposed by the Isleworth ward councillors Salman Shaheen, Sue Sampson and John Stroud-Turp.

The proposed discharge will occur just upstream of Cranford Park Bridge which will mean the liquid waste will run downstream from Hillingdon and into Hounslow.

The sewage is categorised as secondary treated sewage effluent according to the Environmental Agency. Primary treatment means settling out much of the solid matter, and secondary treatment means using bacteria to break down the organic substances, according to Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs.

Although this process does make the sewage less harmful, Dr Umme Khanzada, a biologist and key organiser of the Cranford Action Group, says the water could still do damage to the river’s ecosystem.

Image above: The cafe which Hillingdon Council hopes to allow sewage to flow from – into the River Crane; Cranford Action Group

Plans to allow sewage into river are concerning, says Ruth Cadbury

“The plan to install this system could upset the delicate ecosystem of the river and contamination from damaging levels of phosphate, nitrates, faecal bacteria and pathogens. This will deteriorate the water quality of the river and its wildlife,” a letter from Cranford Action Group says.

Brentford and Isleworth MP Ruth Cadbury said:

‘‘The river Crane runs through the heart of our local area and plays an extremely important role in supporting wildlife and plants. I know from listening to local residents how much they value the river, and how much hard work has been done by community groups to tidy up the river and surrounding area.

“I’m concerned that plans to allow treated sewage to be put into the Crane come at a time when we’ve seen raw sewage being pumped directly into the Thames from Mogden, and when our local environment is increasingly under threat.

“I want to assure residents locally that I will keep standing up to protect our local environment, and to protect our local waterways.’’