Ruth Cadbury signs anti deportation letter

Ruth Cadbury is one of more than 170 cross-party MPs who have signed a letter urging the Prime Minister to halt a flight deporting 50 people to Jamaica today. The flight may have been delayed in any case because an Appeal court judge ruled last night that not all those being deported had had proper access to legal representation.

The Home Office says they are ‘foreign criminals’ and Home Secretary Priti Patel told the House of Commons those on the flight had been convicted of “serious offences” carrying sentences of more than a year.

Among those due to be deported are several people who came here as children, among them Reshawn Davis, 30, who was convicted for robbery ten years ago and spent two months in prison. He was convicted under the “joint enterprise” rule, which has subsequently been scrapped as unjust. ‘Joint enterprise’ meant you could go to jail for just being there when someone else committed a crime. Reshawn Davis, who has had no further convictions over the past ten years, has a six month old baby with his British wife and has no family or contacts in Jamaica.

Priti Patel walked out of the chamber to cries of ‘Shame’ from MPs yesterday, as David Lammy MP asked her when the Government would publish the report on lessons learned from the Windrush scandal.

‘The Government have still not learnt the lessons of the Windrush scandal & it’s unacceptable that the Government are pushing ahead with this’ said Ruth Cadbury.