Ruth Cadbury’s 2020 look ahead

Guest blog by Ruth Cadbury MP

After being overwhelmingly endorsed by local Labour members at the selection meetings at the start of October, I was honoured to be re-elected in the general election that followed, and am grateful to everyone who voted for me and who supported the campaign here in this constituency.

I believe a large part of the reason for the election result here was as a result of voters’ level of anger with the Tories over their austerity policies and with concerns about Brexit.

However, the results in London were not reflected across the UK. It was a dreadful election for Labour, and for the people of this country who need a Labour Government. Whilst Labour retained seats in English and Welsh cities, we lost seats and vote share virtually everywhere else. Labour needs to gain over 120 more seats needed to form a Labour Government, so we need a leadership team to transform our party to one that is seen as credible to the majority of voters in seats we’ve just lost, those we’ve lost since 2010; as well as seats like this. If you have been a Labour voter, I would welcome your views on who you think the next party leader, and deputy leader should be.

2020: Looking ahead

2020 has hardly begun, yet each new day brings further uncertainty. Trump instructed US forces to assassinate Suleiman (the head of the Iranian equivalent of the CIA and special forces combined) bringing an unprecedented level of tension to international relations.

It’s a month until Brexit yet we’re hardly further on in knowing the nature of our departure. And last week Dominic Cummings announced a fundamental culture change in the Civil Service and with it a further power grab by Government from Parliament. Despite his apparently radical agenda, Cummings clearly has no ideas or even interest in addressing the country’s top challenges; the distribution of power and wealth, gross inequalities and poverty, tackling climate change etc.

With a majority of 80 in the Commons, and so many of his moderate one-nation Tories gone, the Boris Johnson is now free to continue the destruction of our police, health, education, council and other public services started by his predecessors. Whilst there have been many un-costed spending announcements, with a Brexit-induced economic decline continuing, and the inevitability of ongoing tax-breaks for high earners and large corporations, this Government will have little ability to throw money around; so the cuts to our essential services will continue apace along with the devastating impact it will have on so many.

Heathrow: We are waiting for the High Court judgement on the judicial review of the decision to proceed with Runway 3 at Heathrow.

My Priorities: My colleagues and I now face being in continuous opposition for the months and years to come. Nevertheless I will continue to raise the impacts of Government policy that matter most to my constituents such as the housing crisis and poverty. Particular local focus will be on:

• addressing knife crime and support for our young people;
• services for children with disabilities and additional needs;
• Air quality and climate change – including the impact of Heathrow expansion
• The rights of leaseholders
• Having a third go at the London Marathon, and beating my 2019 time and fundraising total!
I will also play a continuing role on the All Party Groups for Cycling and Walking, and on the Loan Charge

You can find previous reports of my work on my web site; I also report regularly on my Facebook page and via Twitter and Instagram @RuthCadbury. You can see full details of my questions and speeches in Parliament, and get Regular updates about my Parliamentary activities on TheyWorkForYou

Ruth Cadbury is the MP for Brentford & Isleworth. Contact her at: 

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