Sadiq Khan expected to be announced London Mayor

Image: Sadiq Khan

Based on early results Sadiq Khan expected to be re-elected, with around 10% more votes than Tories

The BBC’s polling expert John Curtice has said he expects Labour’s Sadiq Khan to win the London mayoral race, securing an historic third term and defeating his primary rival, Conservative Party candidate Susan Hall.

Despite claims yesterday that the race between the two was close, and claims from Susan Hall’s camp that she thought she would win, Politics UK are giving the estimated end result as: Sadiq Khan: 46% Susan Hall: 32%

Labour sources called the election for Mr. Khan on Saturday afternoon (4 May), shortly followed by the BBC’s prediction, with the BBC describing the win as a “slam dunk” as more and more constituencies declare their results.

In South West London constituency, which includes most of Chiswick, Mr Khan won the most votes among the mayoral candidates, winning 77,011 votes. Second was Susan Hall on 68,856, third was the Liberal Democrat candidate Rob Blackie who received 25,579 votes.

Political scientist Professor Sir John Curtice told the BBC it seemed opposition to Ulez did not amount to enough of a significant political issue for voters, contrary to the predictions of  the Conservatives following Labour’s loss in the Uxbridge and South-Ruislip parliamentary by-election in 2023.

After narrowly losing the constituency, which was once held by former Prime Minister Boris Johnson, pressure grew on Mr. Khan to back down over Ulez, as the issue was seen as the principle reason the Conservatives managed to retain the seat.

In the aftermath, Labour Leader Keir Starmer urged the Mayor of London to “reflect” on the policy, before rowing back on his comments and throwing his support behind the mayor in the run up to the election.

Well known environmental campaigner Matthew Todd, former editor-in-chief of Attitude magazine said on X:

‘Seems Sadiq Khan has won the mayoral election. Post ULEZ, it’s a quite astonishing message to @UKLabour @KeirStarmer @Conservatives @RishiSunak and to our appalling client media, that clean air & water and fighting climate change is very important to people. Will any of them listen? What do you think?’.

A declaration of the results will be made at City Hall later this afternoon.

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