Sara Ward cookery classes

Image above: Sara Ward, owner / founder of Hen Corner and some of her famous hot cross buns

Sara Ward has been running Hen Corner for ten years this Easter. She grows fruit and vegetables and keeps chickens and bees in the back garden of her terraced house in Brentford and ordinarily would be running courses on how to cook a variety of of foods, from bread to sausages and cheese, as well as courses on keeping chickens and bees.

Sad not to be opening her home this Easter to families to come and celebrate Hen Corner’s tenth anniversary, she has turned instead to creating how-to videos which you can find on her Youtube channel.  Her first one is on Best Before dates, or how to make something from what you have in the cupboard and the fridge. While elderly people are quite happy to scrape the mould off, remembering times of food shortages in the past, young people are more likely to sling food in the bin at the stroke of midnight on the Best Before date. Sara explores the happy medium.

She is now working with Brentford Together to present an online activity each day of the week. While others look at bike maintenance and sewing projects, she’s doing the cookery. She is also baking twice a week for people to come and pick up from her home. Details on Hen Corner website.

Hen Corner

Hen Corner Youtube Channel

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