Save Our BBC

In times of crisis people turn to the BBC. That’s a demonstrable fact. It’s not perfect but I know from 30+ years working there that BBC News is full of hard working people trying to present facts.
Last month the Government launched an attack on the BBC, leaking that it intends to scrap the licence fee and make it a subscription service, like Netflix. This month the BBC is proving useful, offering dedicated education programmes for children whose schools are closed, and factual News coverage with medical experts giving us the facts we need about the current crisis.

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Attack on the BBC

In February a plan was leaked from ‘Government insiders’ which proposes replacing the annual TV licence fee with a Netflix-style subscription service. The plan also suggested the BBC should be forced to sell of the overwhelming majority of its 61 radio stations and scrap some of its 10 TV channels.

Tory backbencher Damian Green described the proposals as “cultural vandalism.”

“Destroying the BBC wasn’t in our manifesto. Vote Tory and close Radio 2. Really?”

A Sunday newspaper quoted a senior Government source as threatening a “massive pruning back” of the BBC.

“We are not bluffing on the licence fee. We are having a consultation and we will whack it”.

The consultation, on the narrowly drawn issue of whether non payment of the licence fee should be decriminalised (not the BBC’s idea to make it a criminal offence in the first place by the way) will be used as an excuse to end the licence fee. That consultation comes to an end on 1 April.

There is an alternative survey, which aims to demonstrate how much people value the BBC, especially at this time when our national, public service broadcaster is coming through for us.

If you value the services the BBC provides, please take a minute to take fill out the survey form.

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