Sculpture at the Brewery – 12 April – 10 May

A collection of work by ceramic artists and sculptors

The Chiswick Calendar is pleased to present the work of nine local 3D artists, ceramicists and sculptors, at the Fuller’s Griffin Brewery from Friday 12 April – Friday 10 May.

The Brewery has a room in their shop – the ‘Tun room’, built to look like the inside of a huge barrel or mash, which is just the job for a small art exhibition of ceramics and sculpture. Asahi, which owns the brewery, sponsors The Chiswick Calendar.

Here are the artists taking part:

Images above: Dancer jumping (bronze resin); Macquette for a fountain; Bronze figure of Poppy; Antonia Young

Antonia Young

Antonia specialises in figurative sculptures. Many of her figures are originally made in clay or wax, and then cast in bronze or bronze resin, although some terracotta figures are fired in the kiln. Her pots are “mainly designed to be useful as well as satisfying to look at and handle”.

She will be showing one of her fountains at the exhibition at the brewery – she particularly enjoys designing and making figures suitable to be made into fountains, bird baths “or just to be situated near water.”

She will also be showing one of her friend Henrietta Parsons’ paintings alongside her work.

Images above: Work by Cristina Lorenzet

Cristina Lorenzet

Cristina has come to sculpture relatively late in life, having started it as a hobby in 2010 and then studied it at City Lit adult education college in Holborn. She works in ceramics to make sculpture inspired by architecture and the landscape.

Having grown up in Italy, in countryside not far from Venice, she finds the industrial landscape of London endlessly fascinating. Her work is defined by the use of discarded objects used to texture the clay and to inform her choices of colour and surface decoration.

Images above: Danillo Cooper working on a portrait bust

Danillo Cooper

Danillo is only just getting used to the idea of describing himself as an ‘artist’, as he has only recently taken up sculpture. He has made the two sculptures he will be showing, having never worked on portraits before.

Danillo first stuck one handful of clay to another just last June under the tutelage of Paul Wuensche. After working with artists for over 30 years he is aiming to make something  that can be shared, shown and appreciated by his friends and family.

Images above: Swan (ceramic); Contemplation (bronze resin); Resilience (bronze resin); Gillian Brett

Gillian Brett

Gillian Brett creates extraordinary, expressive sculptures, working from life.

“I’m on a mission to encourage people to enjoy sculpture in their own environments,” she says. “To be challenged, through sculpture, to notice and see life in a different light, in particular body language and emotions, celebrating diversity, ultimately to connect with a sense of shared humanity.”

Choosing to retrain as a sculptor in 2014 at the Art Academy London, Gillian’s distinctively textured work aims to be a celebration of what it is to be human.

Images above: Porcelain cylindrical vessels; Fruit bowl; Spun porcelain bowl; Gioilla Zordan

Gioilla Zordan

Gioilla graduated in Ceramic Design at Central St.Martins, and specialises in slip-casting, hand building and throwing using porcelain.

“I design and make ornamental and functional objects for modern interiors, glazed, decorated or buffed and fired to 1240C.”

She is one of a group of artists based at Redlees studios in Isleworth, who lives in Chiswick and sells her pieces during Open Studios and Ceramic Fairs. She organises an annual ceramics fair in Chiswick, with Sylvie Joly.

Images above: Spring Circuit 2 , Birch plywood & enamel paint; Transit – Plywood & enamel paint; Magenta Peg; Kit Line

Kit Line

Kit is interested in “the transformative process involved in sculpting, exploring the shift between one thing and another while trying to pay attention to the material’s inherent qualities or form.

“I often use found or discarded material as a starting point. For many of my steel sculptures I’ve collected parts from the foreshore in Hammersmith. Recent wall pieces are made using derelict plywood the more useless it appears for its original purpose the more it promotes the desire for its reclamation.”

Images above: Crab with London Pride bottle cap; Mad blue and white flower necklace; Marsh Wader; all made from materials mudlarked from the shore of the River Thames; Madeleinve Marsh

Madeleine Marsh

Madeleine is a maker of unique jewellery and sculpture made from the things she finds mudlarking on the shore of the River Thames at Hammersmith and Chiswick, which she describes as “Madlarking”.

She was educated at the Lycee Francais de Londres and at Trinity College Cambridge, ‘where she prepared for her future career by dressing up in vintage clothes and shopping for antiques in Cambridge market’.

She then took a diploma in the fine and decorative arts and set up her own company Provenance, researching paintings and antiques for an international clientele of dealers, collectors and auction houses.

Her particular interests include vintage fashion and women’s history, and she has written several books on the subject and taken part in numerous television programmes about it.

Roz Wallis

Roz set up Chiswickpots in 2014.

“Chiswickpots has grown organically from a hobby to a business and is now a working artists studio / pottery school in the beautiful leafy riverside location of Dukes Meadows in Chiswick.”

She makes her trademark moon jars at the Pavilion studios there and teaches ceramics for Chiswick Art School. She uses Raku firing to get some of the spectacular effects on her pots.

Images above: Ruku fired pots and beer cups; Sylvie Joly

Sylvie Joly

Sylvie also uses Raku firing to get the crackled effects on her pots. For the exhibition at the brewery she will be bringing her set of beer cups.

Sylvie Joly is interested in the relationship between form and surface and uses the properties of various glazes and clay bodies for decorative effect. She is influenced by traditional Japanese and Korean ceramics. She wants her pots to bring joy to the eye and hand of the user and very much hopes that her pots get used, rather than sleep on a safe shelf.

Exhibition dates

What: Exhibition of ceramics and sculptures, most of which will be for sale

Where: Fuller’s Griffin Brewery, 160 Chiswick Lane South, Chiswick, London W4 2QB

When: Friday 12 April – Friday 10 May

Come to the launch event on Sunday 14 April, between 1 and 4pm.

Many of these artists are also members of Artists At Home and will be showing their work at the Open Studios over the weekend of 14-16 June.

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