Sculpture at the Brewery opens

Images: Fuller’s Griffin Brewery shop; photograph Asahi; Madeleine and John setting up; photograph Roz Wallis

Who said we couldn’t organise a piss-up in a brewery?

‘Sculpture at the Brewery’ launched on Sunday afternoon (14 April) – Sculpture and ceramics by nine Chiswick 3D artists at the Fuller’s Griffin Brewery, organised by The Chiswick Calendar. The work will remain on show and available to buy in the ‘Tun Room’ inside the brewery shop until Sunday 12 May.

A Tun Mash is used in the brewing process, to mix the ingredients for brewing. The Tun Room is a round room made to look like the inside of a one.

It is used for gathering people together for the introduction at the start of the brewery tours, but Fuller’s Griffin Brewery are keen for more people to discover the place, so for the next month it will be home to our sculpture and ceramics show, the dark wood walls and barrel hoops the perfect setting for the materials used by the artists – clay, wood and steel, and bits and pieces mudlarked from the Thames.

I can now confirm, to any who may have doubted it, that we can organise a piss up in a brewery. Anna Kunst was on hand with her camera.

Images: The Tun Room; Woman looking at Gillian Brett’s work; Danillo Cooper talking to fellow artist Cristina Lorenzet about his portrait busts; photographs Anna Kunst

Images: Gillian Brett’s work; Cristina Lorenzet’s installation; Danillo Cooper’s portrait busts; photographs Bridget Osborne

Images: (L) Gioilla Zordan with her ceramics; (R) Gillian Brett (in red) with hers; photographs Anna Kunst; photographs Anna Kunst

Images: Kit Line talking to people about his work; photographs Anna Kunst

Image: (L) Ceramics by Sylvie Joly; (R) Sculptures, jewellery and mirror by Madeleine Marsh; photograph Bridget Osborne 

Images: Madeleine Marsh telling people how she finds bits and pieces mudlarking on the foreshore of the Thames and researches their provenance; photographs Anna Kunst; posing with Dead Ringers star, Jan Ravens 

Images: Roz Wallis pots; Antonia Young water feature and pots; photographs Bridget Osborne

Image: Roz Wallis talking to people about her Korean moon jars; photograph Anna Kunst

Images above: People enjoying the afternoon; photographs Anna Kunst

Image above: Anna Kunst taking a picture of people enjoying the afternoon; photograph Anna Kunst

To read more about the artists taking part:

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