Seal attack dog owner apologises

Image above: Freddie the seal by Hammersmith Bridge

The owner of the dog which attacked Freddie the seal on the riverbank near Hammersmith Bridge on Sunday has apologised ‘unreservedly’.

In an interview with the Evening Standard Rebecca Sabben-Clare QC said she was “heartbroken” that Freddie had to be put down. She said she wanted to “apologise unreservedly” for the “terrible accident” and regretted her dog had not been on a lead.

Freddie, named after singer Freddie Mercury by animal sanctuary staff in the Netherlands, was attacked at 12. 30 on Sunday as the riverbank was full of people out walking. Passers-by jumped in to try and pull the dog off and three of them – a vet, a photographer and an unnamed cyclist – then pinned the seal down, to stop it slipping back into the river badly wounded, until they could get help. Eventually he was transported by LB Firebrigade officers by boat to an animal hospital where he was examined and euthanised because of the severity of his injuries.

Runa Bousquet saw the whole thing and stayed to organise help. She gave her account of what happened to The Chiswick Calendar.

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She told us:

“I’d say we were about 500 metres away from the seal and there was a lady up ahead running towards us and her dog was racing towards us and it suddenly shot down the side of the bank – it was a terrier, I think, some kind of terrier.

“It shot down the side of the bank on to the riverbed. It was low tide and she was yelling after the dog”.

On Tuesday Police put out an appeal for witnesses and said they wanted to talk to the owner of the dog. The Daily Mail then identified her, adding ‘The Oxford-educated QC … lives in a £5.8million mansion nearby’.

Social media has been full of criticism of her for not having her dog on a lead.

The Daily Mail reports that she went to the Police, who told her no crime had been committed.

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