Sexy laundry – Tabard theatre review

Go and see this very funny play at the Tabard. The poster makes it look a tad corny but it isn’t. It’s is a very witty, well written dissection of a marriage which anyone who’s been in a relationship for any length of time will relate to.

The play, by Canadian author Michele Rimi, is set in a trendy spa hotel where the couple, Alice and Henry, have gone to put a little sparkle in their relationship. Working their way through ‘Sex for Dummies’ they’re finding that after being married for 25 years rekindling the passion is proving hard work and the trite suggestions in the book are humiliating and ridiculous.

What to do? Throw in the towel (they’re far too thin for such an expensive place Henry says when he phones the manager to complain) or be happy with what they’ve got and their shared history together? In the hands of two very experienced actors, Felicity Duncan and Nick Raggett Sexy Laundry is an hour and a bit very well spent. 

Noel Fielding

Noel Fielding was there on the night I went. As one half of The Mighty Boosh he appreciates how hard it is to keep up the energy in a two hander when you’re both on stage all the time and the script requires fast delivery and a high octane performance. He was full of praise.