Sheila Hancock appeal to find lost wedding rings

Image above: Dame Sheila Hancock

Dame Sheila offers £500 reward for the missing wedding rings

Dame Sheila Hancock is offering a £500 reward for the return of her “most treasured possession”, a chain holding wedding rings which belonged to both her parents and her late husbands.

The EastEnders star, 90, who lives in Hammersmith, revealed over the weekend that she lost the jewellery after going to see Accidental Death of an Anarchist at the Theatre Royal Haymarket in London.

Speaking to Good Morning Britain, Dame Sheila said:

“It’s the only thing I have of my father, because he didn’t have any other possessions.”

She said the reward reflected how much the items meant to her and added: “If somebody wouldn’t want the money themselves, they can give it to a charity.”

“The awful thing is it’s my fault and I feel a bit embarrassed because there’s so many dreadful things going on in the world.

“People can’t be bothered with me losing a necklace, but it does mean a lot to me and I would really love to get it back – it’s my mum and my dad and my husbands.”

She asked fans to get in touch with ITV, the BBC or on social media (Twitter @4SheilaHancock)  if they find it.

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