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Fiona, who has owned Chiswick’s only toy shop for 20 years told The Chiswick Calendar Christmas may be a bit different this year. Parents may not be able to find their child’s first choice of Christmas present because of supply chain problems, but there is still plenty of choice.

While stock levels are likely to fluctuate between now and 25 December, some coveted toys are already listed as out of stock at leading retailers such as The Entertainer, Argos and Amazon.

However, there is no need to worry, Snap Dragon will have you covered.

Three Gift Ideas for 2021



Lego is a universally popular toy and has been so for decades. It adapts to trends in popular culture rapidly and is enjoyed by children of all ages all over the world. There’s a Lego set for nearly everything in 2021, from popular video game Minecraft to film franchises like Star Wars and Jurassic Park – there are even Lego advent calendars. A far cry from the original Lego sets in the 1950s, many of the more pricey Lego sets feature quite complex designs.

Lego tends to sell for anything between £10 to £100+, though Snap Dragon doesn’t stock any of the most expensive sets (such as the £650 Imperial Star Destroyer).


Games and board games

Games and board games have seen a spike in popularity since lockdown. A common sight on Christmas day for many households is likely to be a fiercely competitive family game of Monopoly or some other game.

Cards Against Humanity, an adult party game in which players complete fill-in-the-blank statements using words or phrases typically deemed offensive, risqué or politically incorrect, is popular, as well as internet meme caption guessing game, What Do You Meme?

Games and board games in Snap Dragon can cost up to £30.


Barbie dolls

Always a toy sought-after throughout the year are Barbie dolls, which Fiona says are still “unbelievably popular”, due in part to the diversification of the dolls. Rather than just white slim, blonde hair and blue-eyed Barbies, now there are plus-sized versions, redheads and representation of black and ethnic minorities.

The Barbie doll brand has expanded into a media franchise, including a long-running series of animated films.

“Barbie’s quite different now, she can be anything. But any pretty doll [is popular], and babies as well.”

There are plenty of Barbie dolls in Snap Dragon and they sell for anything upwards of £10.

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