South Chiswick residents’ groups join forces to call for traffic scheme changes

Two residents’ groups representing the area of Chiswick south of the A4 have teamed up, hoping they can convince LB Hounslow to make changes to the South Chiswick Liveable Neighbourhood traffic scheme.

The Grove Park Group and Strand-on-the-Green Association have agreed to combine their efforts to work towards common traffic measures for the whole of south Chiswick area. They feel the area bounded by the A4 to the north, the River Thames to the South, the A316 to the east and the South Circular to the west, should be treated as one.

The move comes in response to a series of traffic measures introduced by the council over the last year, which has seen various disparate traffic controls imposed throughout south Chiswick.

Though they welcome the introduction of the Liveable Neighbourhood schemes, they say they traffic restrictions are too confusing and the effect is inequitable. They should be easier to understand and treat all residents within the area equally.

Residents have put forward 12 suggested changes to the current scheme, including installing numerous ANPR cameras along the A316, A205 and A4.

Image above: a map of the proposed changes

What is being proposed?

The residents groups are proposing the South Chiswick area be treated as one common traffic system, with access controlled by ANPR cameras as per the above map. If the changes are accepted residents say they, their visitors, deliveries and taxis would benefit from consistent access whilst through-traffic would be reduced, meeting the aims of the scheme.

Under the proposals, ANPR cameras could be placed at the Thames Road / A 205 junction, as well as the junctions at Wellesley Road / A205, Harvard Hill / A4, Sutton Court Road / A4, Eastbourne Road / A4, Milnthorpe Road / A4, Park Road / A4, Burlington Lane / A316, Staveley Road / A316 and Hartington Road / A 316.

Measures at the Clarence Road / A205 junction will be left as is, with one way access into the area from A205 monitored by camera as well as no vehicles over 3.5 Tons at any time except for access.

Images above: signage; and a traffic camera on Hartington Road

LB Hounslow Cabinet members ‘supportive’

Both residents groups have engaged with those impacted by the schemes and discussed their proposals with Riverside ward (Conservative opposition) councillors, receiving their broad support.

An initial meeting with LB Hounslow Cabinet members, led by the Cabinet Member for Transport, Cllr Hanif Khan, (Labour majority) they also indicated initial support for the proposals.

In an email to members, Strand-on-the-Green Association Chairman, Christopher Hodgkinson, said:

“We do not agree with the current implementation of the measures recognising the challenges and concerns as expressed by both our many members and local residents”.

Residents have complained that some have access to Hartingdon Rd / Thames Rd while others haven’t. Uber drivers often refuse to come into the area to pick up or drop off, put off by the ‘Access only’ signs which they don’t understand. Visitors and family members have received penalty notices for getting it wrong and driving in or out of the area in the wrong way.

“We do support the broader aims of the scheme: reduced through-traffic and improved environment for our neighbourhood. Our further objectives are to reduce speeding and encourage cycling and pedestrian travel once our roads are safe.

“Whilst we were concerned to hear the LBH Traffic team’s messaging as expressed through their Streetspace engagement calls last week, we believe our proposal has not yet been considered and are awaiting a meeting with Jefferson Nwokeoma (Assistant Director of Traffic & Transport) and Councillors to discuss the Councillors’ support and potential implementation of a common traffic scheme.”

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