Sparks fly as thieves steal mopeds outside of The George IV pub

Video: Gang recorded stealing at least one bike from outside the George IV

Bike thief use electrical saw to cut through lock 

Thieves have brazenly stolen up to three mopeds from outside The George IV pub this weekend, as punters watched in astonishment.

Footage of the incident posted on X, formerly Twitter, shows one man using what appears to be an angle grinder to cut through the lock of a parked moped on Chiswick High Road, directly in front of the George IV’s doors on a busy Saturday night (20 April).

A customer posted the video online, which was reposted by content aggregator UB1UB2. The page regularly posts incidences of crime in west London.

Sparks can briefly be seen flying as the thief cuts through the bike’s lock, before he starts push the bike away from its parking space. The bike’s registration number is PK21 UJB.

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A second person can be seen keeping lookout, also on a moped. It is unclear whether this vehicle was also stolen, but the person recording the incident makes the effort to zoom in on the second bike’s registration number as well, which is LB23 RJZ.

The two people who were caught on camera were wearing all black, face coverings puffer jackets and motorcycle helmets (one black, one white).

Towards the end of the video, a third, similar-looking bike pulls up next to the two as they begin to flee the scene. The driver of this bike cannot be seen in the footage.

Staff at The George IV told The Chiswick Calendar the incident has been reported to police, but as of Monday evening officers have yet to arrive to question anyone.