Spate of thefts from cars

Thefts from vehicles at the highest level this year

There has been a spate of thefts from cars in Cambridge Rd South and Oxford Gardens. These pictures were taken on 24 November in Cambridge Rd South. Two women and two men were caught on camera around 4.00am that morning, smashing car windows and stealing things which had been left inside the vehicles.

Vehicle crime is at the highest it has been in Chiswick since January 2020, with 77 recorded thefts from vehicles or interference with vehicles in Chiswick (within a mile radius of W4 3DA) in September, the most recent month to be shown on the UK Crime Stats website.

Bike thefts are the highest they’ve been for three years. Thefts of bicycles shot up in May and have remained high. There were 28 thefts in September compared with nine in January.

Spike in anti-social behaviour during lockdown

The most noticeable difference in the crime statistics over the year is how anti-social behaviour shot up during the lock down periods. Anti-social behaviour was far higher than it has been at any other point since December 2010, the earliest date shown in the table. In April the figure for reported incidents of anti-social behaviour was 336. In May it was 296, compared with 123 in March and 91 in February. In September there were 187 reported incidents. Before this year, the highest figure was 174, in July 2011, which was also unusually high.

Image above: Pie chart showing the breakdown of crime statistics over the period October 2019 – September 2020, within a mile radius of W4 3DA. Source: UK

While burglary has remained consistent and shoplifting very low, unsurprisingly, robbery is also at the highest point it’s been all year, with 27 robberies being reported in September. Violent crime has increased in the last couple of years. 86 incidents were reported in September.

The UK Crime Stats website uses data from the police. The actual level of crime is usually estimated by the British Crime Survey to be about 30% higher than that which is reported to the police.

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