Spring and Summer fashion at Lizard on Turnham Green Terrace

What will we be wearing this spring and summer? Ortenza Shehu has been talking to Kambiz and Jeannine at Lizard Fashion in Turnham Green Terrace.

Lizard Fashion sells beautiful and contemporary garments. With the heat of fashion week just around the corner I thought I’d pop in to see what this trendy outlet had chosen to feature for their spring/summer collection. What grabs the attention straight away is that there are a lot of vibrant colours: pinks and oranges, blues and greens, animal prints and abstract patterns. Looks like it’s going to be a bright and colourful summer.

Lizard are very keen on contemporary, feminine, unique brands such as Beate Heyman, Lu.el and NY77. There is strong European influence in their fashion; Baete Heyman for example is a German brand which Kambiz describes as “very contemporary” in its designs. Most of their garments use feminine shapes that accentuate the female body. For this summer, Lizard fashion has chosen some beautiful pieces from Baete Heymen, one in particular that caught my eye was this peacock dress that retails for £342.

The use of the peacock print has once again become a trend; it’s colourful, it stands out and it’s made of soft georgette material, making it a must-have statement piece for a hot summer day. The high-waisted tie around belt in royal blue gives this dress its final feminine touch. Beate Heyman features this peacock print in a few of their other garments including in a diaphanous blouse also made of georgette that retails for a much cheaper price of £129. With a drawstring at the hem for you to tighten, this blouse is ticking all the boxes of recent trends. Match it with a pair of trousers, creating a very casual look, all while remaining classy, stylish and dressed perfectly for a hot day.

The summer collection at Lizard also sees a return of the bohemian look, featuring intricate patterns layered on top of one another, contrasting colours bouncing off each other, and shining gems embellishing the garments.

A very daring look. As seen on this INOA
piece, we’ve got bright reds and soft oranges alongside subtle blues and turquoise, blending perfectly to create a fashion statement dress for this summer which is both a riot of colour and also somehow, calming. If you look closely you can also see the addition of gems which add the finishing touch to this garment.

Colourful, fun and versatile, this pattern is used on a few different pieces giving you the choice of styles. If you have more of a classic taste then maybe you’d prefer the v-neck maxi
dress with a tie waist to accentuate your curves, or if you’re on the more free- sprinted side, maybe you can pull off this off shoulder maxi dress? Made from 100% premium silk, these dresses are a luxury, made affordable, retailing at £199 and £210 Respectively.

It’s no surprise that we see the use of floral designs – a never-ending summer trend. There are many different styles to choose from, including maxi dresses, shirt dresses, two-piece top and bottom sets, blouses, you name it. If you’re not particularly feeling the colourful vibes this summer, I also picked out a few low-key pieces which use more subtle, earthy colours but still remain the same abstract style and gorgeous high-quality fabric. Such as this abstract, loose fit dress from Beate Heyman, also made of soft georgette.

Lizard Fashion is really the whole package; as well beautiful garments it also has a vast collection of original jewellery. Most of it come from Uno de 50 – a Spanish brand that is very quirky, using only silver and gold-plated materials.

They have this beautiful butterfly ring with a green stone – a perfect item to match the peacock dress.