St Nicholas Church musical tribute to William Hogarth

Image above: St Nicholas’ Church, Old Chiswick

BBC’s Lars Tharp to offer his insight on Hogarth’s life 

This Friday (23 June), a special concert will pay homage to the artist William Hogarth at St Nicholas’ Church in Old Chiswick.

Organised by a new choir under the leadership of Charles MacDougall and the direction of Bridget Cunningham, the event aims to celebrate Hogarth’s artistic vision, his profound influence on the Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens and the Foundling Hospital, as well as his musical connections with composer George Frideric Handel.

The concert promises to be an extraordinary experience, with insights into Hogarth’s work from the BBC’s Lars Tharp, a leading Hogarth enthusiast and ceramics historian. Tharp’s commentary will shed light on the life and artistic achievements of Hogarth, revealing the inspirations behind his well known creations and the indelible mark he left on west London and British society as a whole.

The programme will showcase a carefully curated selection of music closely intertwined with Hogarth’s legacy. The choir members include sopranos Ana Beard Fernández, Jenni Harper, and Danni O’Neill, as well as alto vocalists Cathy Bell, Lucy Goddard, and Ruth Kiang.

Anticipated highlights of the concert include Handel’s Foundling Hospital Anthem, compositions inspired by the Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens, and cantatas influenced by Handel’s personal art collection during his residency at Brook Street in Mayfair.

The choice of St Nicholas Church for the event holds a profound significance, as the church’s cemetery is the final resting place of William Hogarth. Visitors are able to see his gravestone, which is engraved with a homage to the artist’s far-reaching impact:

“Farewell great Painter of Mankind, Who reached the noblest point of Art. Whose pictur’d Morals charm the Mind, And through the Eye correct the Heart. If Genius fires thee, Reader, stay, If Nature touches thee, drop a Tear: If neither move thee, turn away, For Hogarth’s honoured dust lies here.”

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