Strand on the Green Jubilee party – Limerick competition (adult)

Image above: Dame Eileen Atkins at the Strand on the Green Jubilee celebrations with Abi Pitcher reading out winning limerick by Abi and Chris Pitcher; photograph Alan McBride

There once was an actor called Eileen …

For the Platinum Jubilee on Sunday 5 June the Strand on the Green Association organised a party and ran photography, art, poetry and limerick competitions. The winners were announced and their work read out by one of our greatest actors, Dame Eileen Atkins, who happens to live on Strand on the Green.

Here are the entries for the adult limerick competition.

Limerick – Over 19 competition


Abi and Chris Pitcher

A drinker from Strand on the Green
found a pub for a toast to the Queen.
The river then flooded
and everything muddied,
his beer, nowhere to be seen.

Runner up

Alice Cooper

There was a small duck from the Strand
who yearned to play jazz in a band.
With the help of a coot
it learned how to toot,
so the way it plays trumpet is grand.

Image above: Child playing on the Strand; photograph Anna Kunst

All entries

Lucy Cufflin

A young man from Strand on the Green
who went by the name of Maureen
with pearls and a crown
and Ermine frilled gown
our very own Jubilee Queen.

Johnny Adams

A lady from Strand on the Green,
she thought it was time to come clean.
She coughed up to the fact
that her cupboards were stacked
with loo rolls, covid tests and baked beans.

Lesley Anne Reynolds

A dachshund from Strand on the Green
had a coat with a beautiful sheen.
The tide left some mud,
he fell in with a thud
and came out all slimy and green!

Malcolm Hibberd

A lady from Strand on the Green
as a runner was lean, mean and keen.
Her pace was so fast
that whenever she passed
only dust and a blur could be seen.

Images above: Strand on the Green wildlife; photograph Rosie Leyden

Yvonne Rice-Oxley

Some stuffed toys on Strand on the Green,
are surprising and have to be seen.
A lion is queen,
two tigers are mean,
and the dog sits quite nervous between.

John Davison

The people of Strand on the Green
have come in their droves to be seen.
On this Jubilee day
raise our glasses and say
a big thanks to our marvellous Queen.

Francesca Farrell

A seagull from Strand on the Green
made out he was lost in a dream.
With a casual side glance
a jig and a prance
he swooped down and stole my ice cream.

Nicky Westcombe

A lady from Strand on the Green
quite famous but rarely seen.
BAFTA and Emmy
awards there are many.
It’s the wonderful Dame Eileen!

Francesca Farrell

A kitten from Strand On The Green
loved cleaning her whiskers and cream.
She looked out at the river with a shake and a shiver
then ran home to continue to clean.

John Davison

The river at Strand On The Green
although brown is really quite clean
You can fish from the shore
You can travel by oar
or party to honour the Queen.

Images above: Foxes; photographs Mark Lawson

John Davison

The foxes from Strand On The Green
are very discerning it seems.
They shun all the birds
the nappies and turds,
dining only on caviar and cream

Malcolm Hibberd

A fellow from Green on the Strand
confuses his foot with his hand.
Like a Box in the Jack
he is all front to back,
so for Queen save the God, he’ll up stand.

Lucy Lee-Tirrell

A piglet from Strand on the Green
Was fat and with trotters so clean.
The towpath she walked
but butchers they stalked
and now she a tasty terrine.

Lucy Lee-Tirrell

The Strand which is part of the Green
hosts runners so terribly keen,
dog walker galore,
slow strollers and more
enjoy a fine sight evergreen.

John Ormsby

The Spirit of Strand on the Green
is heard but never is seen
but, unless I’m mistaken
when I awaken,
I’ve met her a lot when I dream.

Jenny de Montfort

A lady from Strand on the Green
made all the men keen.
She strutted her stuff
but got covered in fluff
and fell over going “aachoo”.

Image above: Chiswick lifeboat at Strand on the Green

Donna Freed

There once was a woman from Strand on the Green
she had a disposition that tended toward mean.
She fell down with a yelp
and was forced to accept help
which had the benefit of easing her spleen.

Alec Howlett

A lady from Strand on the Green
Thought that she might be the Queen.
She put on a crown
but then it fell down,
it turned out her head was too lean

Pauline Singh

A lady from Strand on the Green,
in her medieval attire was often seen,
she walked along the bridge of Kew,
swearing at folk, even ones she knew,
until one day she just looked at the river and simply enjoyed the view…

Dominic Carveley

There was a lady from Strand on the Green
who had a friend who lived in East Sheen.
She went there to try it,
but couldn’t abide it
and wished that she never had been!

Image above: Bull’s Head; photograph Anna Kunst

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