Strand on the Green Post Office closed

Strand on the Green Post Office has closed for the foreseeable future. Post mistress Mrs Joshi has been trying to keep it open intermittently but now her son Milan has written to the Strand on the Green residents group to say she is no longer able to do so.

‘Last week I think her post office was the only post office open in the whole of West London’ he wrote. ‘As a result she was extremely busy and she stayed open long after the official closing time in order to help all customers. Unfortunately this has taken a toll on her health. She needs to be very careful given her underlying condition. To confirm, she does not have Covid-19 symptoms.

‘I’ll provide an update when the post office will be open again. Hopefully by that time other post offices will re-open to ease the pressure on my mother’s post office’.

The nearest Post Offices which appear to be still open are in Hammersmith – the main sorting office and the one inside WH Smith in the shopping centre.  The delivery office in Chiswick is open two hours a day and will receive packages for posting with pre-paid postage (which you can do online).