Support your local independent butcher

Hammonds Butcher & Delicatessen does not have the easiest of tasks in attracting passing trade. They’re tucked away down a slip road, beneath the apartment block on Kew Bridge Rd. 

You have to know they’re there in order to go and shop there, as they are hidden from view from the main road by the high stone parapets of Kew Bridge. But once people find them they go back, as their food is so good (and they offer 10% off to Club Card holders).

The slip road has until now been one of the few roads in the area where you can park without paying, but all that is about to change. The minimum charge in the proposed Controlled Parking Zone will be £1.20 for half an hour, which makes for a very expensive piece of cheese, if that’s all you’re nipping in there for.

Hammonds would like free 30 minute parking for customers, so they can do business on the same terms as businesses on Turnham Green Terrace and Devonshire Rd. Otherwise they fear the impact on their business will be disastrous. 

If you would like to support that idea, email by 2nd August – ie. this Friday. Reference: Kewroadaccessroadstat

Hammonds is a member of The Chiswick Calendar Club Card scheme, which enables local businesses to offer deals and discounts to local residents.

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