Suspected burglar causes chaos in Grove Park street

Image above: Man stood on balcony with unknown female

Suspected burglar in Grove Park has police and paramedics attending as he stays on balcony for 24 hours

There was chaos on a Grove Park street over the last two days with a flurry of emergency services descending on Spencer Rd. Residents of Spencer Rd told The Chiswick Calendar the man in the photograph above had attempted to burgle a second floor flat, when he was startled and climbed down onto the balcony of an empty flat the level below.

Eye witnesses say they saw “twelve police cars, four fire engines and six ambulances parked on the street.”

The Chiswick Calendar were told by the London Ambulance Service:

“We sent an ambulance crew to this incident yesterday but they were stood down as we weren’t required.”

Image above: Police and paramedics at the scene; photograph Stephen Collett 

Residents left confused by incident

When I spoke to two residents on Friday (26 April), who wished not to be named, they told me:

“We first heard all the sirens around 3pm yesterday and saw out of our window a man on the balcony. The emergency services vehicles completely blocked the road but all they’ve done is talk to him. He said at one point he only wanted to speak to a female police officer.

“The police ended up leaving in their marked car around 9am this morning but their unmarked colleagues have been here since then just watching him.

“We are completely baffled by the incident. If he is a burglar and tried to steal then why hasn’t he been arrested?”

Another resident who lives opposite the block of flats said:

“It is clear the man is suffering and he’s been out in the cold all night long. The police must put an end to this incident so we can all get on with our lives and the chap can get the support he desperately needs.”

The Chiswick Calendar have approached the police for comment.