Switching parties and voting tactically

To illustrate the fluidity between parties, here’s Lib Dem candidate for Ealing Central and Acton, Sonul Badiani, out campaigning with Andrew MacKinlay, former Labour MP for Thurrock.

After representing Thurrock for Labour for almost 20 years, he stood down in July 2009, expressing disillusionment with the way he felt other MPs had caved in to party pressure rather than standing up for their beliefs. In May this year he joined the Lib Dems.

Then we have a string of people on Twitter, saying they are voting tactically to keep Ruth Cadbury as MP for Brentford & Isleworth.

ITV featured a new item with ex pats living in Spain, among them a Brentford & Isleworth constituent switching parties from the Conservatives to vote for Ruth, because of her consistently pro-Remain stance.

“I will also be voting tactically for @RuthCadbury” writes TV executive James Farrell “to deny Boris a majority and prevent a hard Brexit.”

James was Head of Development with BBC Studios, where he earned a reputation for discovering major new talent. He’s currently working on the HBO prequel to Game of Thrones.

Sir John Major

But most remarkable of all has to be former Conservative Prime Minister Sir John Major urging us not to vote along ‘tribal’ lines but to:

 “Vote for the candidate who you believe will best represent your own views and aspirations in Parliament.” 

In a recorded message in support of the Final Say campaign, he described Brexit as “the worst foreign policy decision in my lifetime”.

“It will make our country poorer and weaker. It will hurt most those who have least” he said.

Appealing for young people to vote, and underlining that their turn out could make all the difference, he said:

“Don’t allow your future to be shaped by others, with no input from yourselves. You – every single one of you, can make a difference to the election result.”

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