T-rubble on the football pitch resolved

I reported a few weeks ago that the future of Old Meadownians Football Club was under threat. Hounslow Council’s scheme to regenerate Dukes Meadows as a centre of sporting excellence is working well for Chiswick Rugby Club, which is getting £1.3m worth of funding from the RFU for an artificial all-weather pitch, but was not working so well for the football club, as a similar deal with the FA did not materialise and talks with Hounslow over their future had reached a stalemate.

It all came to a head when the rugby club started building work and the and the resulting rubble, pictured above, took out two junior football pitches, according to the football club, and the Council, they said, was ignoring requests for further dialogue. The football club was facing a hike in their rent which they couldn’t afford and ‘LBH have declined to communicate further’ said Edward Glover, for Old Meadownians FC.

I asked Steve Curran, leaderof Hounslow Council for his comment and he said: “they have not asked for a meeting with me … I am of course happy to meet them”.

Now it seems, it’s all sorted. They met, they spoke, they sorted it out and the club’s chairman Derek Barnett says: “We are very thankful that with the support of Cllr Steve Curran and his team we can continue to provide community football in Chiswick for the foreseeable future.”

Job done then.