Temporary version of Cycleway 9 to be introduced

Transport for London is skint, its coffers emptied by the cessation of use of public transport during the lockdown.

Many people might have quietly thought that would put paid to Cycleway 9. After all the bitter recriminations and virtual civil war over the issue, a little drop of Covid-19 might have seen it off, they might have thought.

They’d be wrong. Construction of the new junction at the end of Kew Bridge has continued and now Cllr Hanif Khan, Cabinet Member for Transport at LB Hounslow Council has confirmed to The Chiswick Calendar that LB Hounslow is planning to bring in a ‘temporary’ Cycleway until such time as TfL can put in the more permanent installation.

Quite what that entails, for the where, when and how, we will have to wait for a Transport for London press release later in the week.

“They’re in a bad financial situation” Cllr Khan told The Chiswick Calendar, “but it is still really important”.