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Dynamic Reformer Pilates – the workout for the way we live now

Guest blog by Ten Health & Fitness 

People are designed to move, not to sit. Yet we’re now more sedentary than at any time in human history.

A growing problem over the last couple of decades, it has been exacerbated by the impact of Covid, which has led to working from home becoming part of the new normal for more people than ever before, and the resulting loss of activity and consistent exercise routines for many.

In consequence, we’re increasingly prey to inflexibility, dysfunction and pain from spinal and postural imbalances, as well as circulatory problems, obesity, decreased bone density and increased early-onset diabetes.

The adverse effects of the way we live now aren’t just physical, either. We’re all aware how Covid has impacted the nation’s mental and emotional health – in evidence, stress and anxiety now listed as the UK’s single biggest cause of absenteeism from work (the second biggest, ironically, being posture-related problems).

While it would be unwise to suggest that anyone has a quick fix for problems of this scale, there is evidence that the right kind of exercise, delivered in the right way, in the right environment, can do a lot to mitigates some of the more harmful effects of today’s lifestyles on our health and wellbeing.

There’s a strong case to say that Dynamic Reformer Pilates is that kind of exercise.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, given the events of the last few years, this discipline is having a resurgence, with new providers popping up all over London alongside a community of more established and experienced providers, including Chiswick’s Ten Health & Fitness, pioneers of the discipline, and who have been serving a loyal and local client base for more than 15 years.

So what exactly is Dynamic Reformer Pilates? And why is it so appropriate for how we live and work today?

Simply, put, it’s a new and more dynamic iteration of Pilates, performed on the Reformer, the original and probably the most effective piece of Pilates equipment available,

Pilates has always been acknowledged for its ability to build core strength and improve both posture and flexibility, helping restore the natural spinal alignment that our sedentary, screen-bound lifestyles are doing so much to wreck, and creating a strong, supportive core to prevent or reduce back pain and injury.

This latest reimagining of this classic and proven discipline builds in additional resistance and cardiovascular elements and raises the overall intensity and effectiveness of the sessions. As a result, it’s an impressively effective and time-efficient whole-body workout that strengthens core muscle groups, improves flexibility, sculpts lean, toned muscles and offers cardiovascular benefits, boosting the resting metabolism, reducing body fat and helping with both weight loss and weight management.

It’s also prehabilitative i.e. it offers a proactive, preventative approach to body maintenance that will keep you fitter, stronger and active for longer, and will help avoid and/or reduce the impact of future injury.

Physical benefits aside, Dynamic Reformer Pilates is also particularly effective at helping manage stress and improve overall mental wellbeing.

At a time when the pressures of social media are too often making exercise seem less accessible and more intimidating, these classes are delivered in an accessible and empowering environment – at Ten’s Chiswick Studio there’s a great sense of community, and daily, we welcome people of all ages, Pilates experience and fitness levels.

Acknowledged as mindful exercise, Pilates’ emphasis on form, alignment and control requires focus and concentration. This makes sessions hugely absorbing, and as such, they’re a valuable ‘time-out’ from the pressures of work, and highly effective at reducing the effects of stress and anxiety.

With many of us feeling more isolated since Covid, the interaction and shared experience of a class-based programme is increasingly important – we are social animals after all.

The dynamism and intensity of the workout helps generate endorphins, increasing feelings of optimism, positivity and well-being.

Last but by no means least, because you see the benefits fast, it’s also a powerful way of boosting personal morale and maintaining motivation.

And while no-one is suggesting that Dynamic Reformer Pilates is the universal cure-all for everything that ails us today, it can – and does – have the ability to help address some of the specific physical and mental challenges that impact the way so many of us live and work today.

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