TfL confirms OneChiswick has withdrawn Cycleway 9 legal challenge

Transport for London has confirmed that legal proceedings which challenged the decision to install C9, the cycle lane which runs through Chiswick High Rd, have come to an end.

Campaign group OneChiswick started proceedings for a Judicial Review of the decision in 2020. TfL were named as an ‘Interested Party’ in the case.

TfL’s December 2021 commissioner report, which provides an overview of major issues and developments for each meeting of the TfL Board, revealed today that OneChiswick had discontinued its legal claims.

The Chiswick Calendar reported in November that the Judicial Review had been dropped, after speaking with sources close to the case. A member of OneChiswick Facebook group also commented on social media that they were unable to continue with the action because the traffic order they had initially challenged had been superseded. OneChiswick officially denied they had dropped the case.

OneChiswick has been against all the traffic restrictions introduced in Chiswick since the beginning of the pandemic. The group claimed the Council had made a number of legal errors when the scheme was introduced, under a temporary traffic order in 2020. This measure has been replaced by a new one introducing the latest changes, making the action irrelevant.

Image above: a OneChiswick Member points to campaign leaflets in front of the Hounslow Cabinet Member for Transport – Cllr Hanif Khan

What happens to the money?

The group started a fundraiser to take the challenge to the High Court. The total amount they have raised to date is £44,517. The amount spent so far has not been made public.

When the fundraiser was first launched, organisers said none of them would be a beneficiary of funds raised and that any excess at the end of the campaign would be donated to a local charity.

Organisers said the money raised would pay for campaign materials such as ‘eye-catching leaflets and posters’ and consultants’ reports as well as legal advice, which ‘at this stage’ would add up to a total of £50,000.

This Chiswick Calendar has approached several members One Chiswick for comment.

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